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Cash is NOT always King

When we discuss the concept of investing money with our clients, we often find that the money that they wish to remain in savings accounts is higher than is recommended. And they are not alone.

A new report has revealed that the UK’s working adult population has missed out on a staggering £94 billion over the past five years through failing to invest in the stock market and holding their money in savings accounts. The figure comes from public policy think tank, The Social Market Foundation, which has also found that more than £200 billion worth of cash is being held by savers above the recommended three months’ worth of income or ‘rainy day’ level of savings that should be kept available.

The arguments for remaining in cash are always the same. This can be an emotional draw, due to the liquid nature of savings accounts and the ability to ‘see’ the money. Plus it is deemed as being ‘risk free’. However, interest rates remain stubbornly low and with inflation starting to move upwards, this liquid asset is continuing to lose money in real terms.

FOCUS will always consider cash as an excellent asset class, for the purpose of security or as a guarantee of capital. Put simply, it is an ideal place to hold money for a purpose. However, it very rarely offers any more than that. It is so important to consider your savings as part of your investment portfolio. We encourage our clients to invest in multi asset proposition, and that should include any capital in excess of your ‘rainy day fund’.

It may feel nice to have cash to hand, but how much is that really costing you?


I would highly recommend FOCUS for both Personal & Corporate Financial Planning

FOCUS continues to provide a first class service.

Both me personally, and the employees of Neo Chemicals & Oxides (Europe) Ltd, have benefited considerably from Phil Rouse’s expertise and assistance.

I would highly recommend FOCUS for both personal and corporate financial planning services.

- Sue McConnell, Neo Chemicals & Oxides (Europe) Ltd

Clear, concise retirement planning advice

Phil Casey provided clear, concise retirement planning advice and excellent service.

I would recommend Phil and Focus to anyone.

- Graham Beith

"Phil Casey is a superb IFA"

For the last 15 years I have received the most excellent service – the rate of the advice is matched by the excellent performance over my portfolio. Phil Casey is a superb IFA.

- Jane Bevan, Managing Director - Firebird PR

"The team members at FOCUS have all been highly professional, competent and friendly."

Stuart Bartholomew and all the other members of the many and various departments at FOCUS that I have dealt with have been highly professional, competent, friendly, courteous, supportive, positive and have led me to the correct products and services that have met my needs.

- Alastair Brown

"FOCUS have provided a very responsive, personnel and professional service"

Trying to find independent financial advice can be a busy market place.

For me the relationship and the confidence I have in Phil Casey and his colleagues is paramount. Over the 9 years I’ve known Phil, FOCUS have provided a very responsive, personnel and professional service, catering for all my pension and mortgage requirements.

- Mike Hay, Head of Sport Engagement, British Olympic Association

"As independent financial advisers – they must be one of the best."

I have known Gary Hunt since before he and his fellow Partners formed FOCUS in 1990.  In my capacity as a company director up until my retirement in 2005, I was always impressed by how he and his team worked diligently towards the best possible deal to suit our company needs, whether it be the company pension scheme,company insurance or personal advice.  There was always a peace of mind knowing that FOCUS would perform whatever the task.

Since retiring, FOCUS has remained my personal independent financial adviser and has given me unprecedented advice throughout the recent financial crisis period.

I would not hesitate to recommend FOCUS to anyone.

- Tony Pitkethly