Case Studies

Retirement & Investment Advice

The need
A former employee of a company for whom FOCUS provides pension scheme advice, Adrian has built up a good sized pension fund and is keen for his money to work as hard as possible to maximise the growth potential in his retirement fund. He therefore approached FOCUS for personal retirement planning advice.

The detail
The existing Group Personal Pension Plan Adrian held had a competitive charging structure and offered a wide range of investment funds.

However, Adrian was keen to continue to receive on-going advice and also wanted to consider the option of moving his existing ISAs to a new provider – again receiving advice from FOCUS.

In recent years, the advent of new technology has brought Wrap Platforms into the financial planning equation. A Wrap Platform is an effective means of handling investment transactions which provides for centralised on-line buying, selling and reporting. This means that it is possible to hold a variety of investments on the same platform and benefit from consistent, transparent pricing – but with different investment strategies for each product wrapper (e.g. pension, NISAs) as required.

The introduction of wrap accounts also means we have been able to review the way we deliver on-going service to our clients and I explained the choices in terms of our service proposition.

The outcome
I recommended that Adrian switch his existing pension fund to a new Wrap arrangement with lower charges and the flexibility to add his existing ISA holdings at a later date if so desired.

Adrian was happy with the advice and opted to become an Investment Management client of FOCUS, thus securing our on-going advice and service relationship.